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the past
and the present

It is already 27 years since USSR doesn‘t exist anymore. The sojet cultue and sowjt steil are dissapiaring from our daily life, together with the people from this epoche. My Generation (born 1991) was called Generation of Coca Cola and Bubble Gum, cause we didn‘t live in USSR, we had much more west cultur in our daily life as our parents. We try to forget our sowjet past, we decorate our Appartments with IKEA, though we only move between old and new plattenbaus.

Why do we decide after all this 27 years to be the family number 690? (In Russia you don‘t have your surname anywhere in the house. There is only the number of your appartment). Why do we still have this Plattenbau-culture, which de- personalise us?

In my photo serie I try to catch this break in the history, through the pictures of buildings and inhabitans (Plattenbaus in St. Petersburg, Russia).

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