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30 years ago, on August 19, 1991, Soviet people accustomed to waking up in the morning by watching television were baffled: nervously switching buttons on the remote control in search of news and entertainment programs, they stumbled across the ballet "Swan Lake," which flooded all TV channels. This forever linked the immortal work with a political farce.

24. February 

Dialogue with a friend:
- Nastia, you speak about german citizenship. But it is not what I want. I want just continiue my work, just to be concert photographer for some time till everything settles down.

- Do you understand, that it could take 10 years? 

"We just seat at home and we are scared, that somebody will come and take us, because I was putting stickers "no to war" in the city" (once on telephone with a friend in Russia)

Moscow 26/02/22, russian rock musician Zemfira sings "Don't shoot"

You are a Russian girl.

My mom said several times to me that I am a traitor, because I am against this war. 

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My grandgrandfather Konstantin Abramovich Shvachko was born 1906 in Izjum, Ukraine.

So destroyed Izyum became not just a picture of some random city, but of very concrete town, where my grandgrandfather came from.

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When your mother believes that  Ukraine has bio weapon to kill Russians. Really? How? If we have very mixed gens. What is Russian? 

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